Blankenship Letter-Writing Campaign Brings In Greater Than 140 Letters

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21 Sep 2014

The letter-writing project directed at previous Massey Energy Chief Executive Officer Don Blankenship has racked up greater than 140 letters to send out to him while he remains in jail, as well as Blankenship has responded with his own letter to the project’s developer. Ann Bybee-Finley, a doctoral pupil at Cornell University and also a citizen of Hurricane, introduced the letter-writing campaign in April, after Blankenship was sentenced to a year behind bars for conspiring to break government mine safety and security standards. Blankenship’s letter mirrors the disagreements made on his part throughout his test that the mine was in good condition, which an accumulation of natural gas was the cause of the explosion that eliminated 29 miners back in 2010. District attorneys in Blankenship’s instance argued rather that he endorsed mine safety and security infractions that allowed conditions at Upper Big Branch to weaken while orchestrating a cover-up of the resulting safety and security risks as he promoted boosted coal manufacturing up until the mine exploded.

In December, the government court jury that listened to 24 days of statement in the event located Blankenship guilty of conspiracy to go against federal mine security and wellness requirements over a greater than two-year period prior to the Upper Big Branch surge. United State District Court Irene Berger punished him to the maximum fine permitted under present regulation, saying that the former Massey Chief Executive Officer had actually produced a culture that placed revenues as well as coal production ahead of worker safety. Blankenship is appealing his sentence. Bybee-Finley stated she hesitated to share the letter publicly initially, yet determined it was necessary to produce a discussion between Blankenship as well as those affected. At first I was reluctant because I desired the campaign to give individuals a voice and all Don Blankenship has needed to do is stand outside to obtain press insurance coverage, she stated. But then I chose that it would be unfair not to offer Blankenship a chance.

Blankenship sent the letter to Bybee-Finley to forward to those that had sent him letters without a return address, which she claimed she plans to do. The families of the UBB miners are no question hurt, mad and also desiring me to suffer for their loss, Blankenship wrote. It’s not my intent in this note to alter that as well as however I might not alter it if it was my intent. Bybee-Finley emphasized that the intent of the task is still to offer individuals an opportunity to reveal their sensations about the UBB calamity to Blankenship, and also she has actually been traveling around West Virginia this summer to talk with various groups about the project. This letter is ineffective for stopping a misfortune such as this in the future.’ I would certainly disagree keeping that I assume these letters are really effective, as well as they likewise offer proof for people of the kind of partnership its people desire in the future with sectors that concern West Virginia.

Gavin Mayo, 9, has actually introduced a card and letter-writing project to urge Dallas, Texas, policeman as they remain to mourn the death of five police officers killed, and also seven wounded during a sniper capturing Thursday at a protest march over the fatal authorities capturing of black men in various other states. His objective is 12,000 cards as well as letters, a total of 1,000 for each policeman eliminated or wounded by 25-year-old sniper Micah Johnson. Mr. Johnson was killed by a robot-delivered bomb after the capturing. The disaster notes the deadliest day for United State police because the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist assaults. Grownups and also kids rested at tables throughout the mid-day composing cards and also letters giving thanks to the Dallas police officers, with lots of writing that they were praying for them. Ms. Mayo offered construction paper, writing paper, crayons, pens, pencils and also envelopes for people that visited Sunday to craft cards and also letters.

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